Kent and Carolyn have a combined total 20 years of working in the photography industry, and have photographed the Ozarks as a team for the last five years.  They reside in Springfield, MO with their son, Cameron; their cat, Miss Kitty Fantastico; and their dog, Mojo. 
Kent : A true geek at heart, he is the mastermind behind all video projects at Kent & Carolyn Photography, and he taught Carolyn the ropes of being a professional photographer when she was still a timid, little newbie.  He was born and raised in Springfield, MO, but Kent and his camera have been spotted at weddings in Colorado, Illinois, Arkansas, and Missouri. His photography roots are in events and concerts, however, video projects, family portraits, and weddings are where his heart pulls him these days. Many of his personal projects have been published, and you may have seen him on your local news channel, 417 Magazine,, Buzzfeed, CBS News, Laughing Squid, or a number of other media sites for his "Just a Second" video, a personal project documenting the arrival of their son, Cameron.
Carolyn: Carolyn was born and raised deep in the Ozark mountains. No matter how hard she tries, she can't get rid of the Arkansas twang in her accent and some days she can hear the Buffalo River calling her back to her roots for a hike or a camping trip. Her heart is in outdoor family and high school senior photography, specifically natural light. Her love for the Ozarks outdoors gives her a unique eye for landscapes that make beautiful backdrops for family portraits. She is the visionary behind image processing at Kent & Carolyn Photography. Carolyn uses her images as a canvas onto which she can paint light and color, turning snapshots into careful works of art. When she isn't processing images, meeting with a bride-to-be, or scheduling a photo shoot, Carolyn is busy opening juice boxes and cutting off the crusts for her "city boys".  She loves gardening, Netflix, and sitting on her covered patio drinking coffee in the rain.