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Our Process

Our Process


It all starts with a plan...

Families are busy! So, we want your time with us to mean something special. This is why our process begins with a complimentary in-person consultation.

Our goal is to understand exactly what you wish to take away from your portrait experience, and to fully answer your questions before your session day.
We want to envision with you exactly how your home art gallery will look, help you coordinate outfits with locations that match your home decor, and give you access to exclusive printing options that are not available to you outside of the photography industry.

We only offer museum quality products that make the art we create for you look its best in your home- on durable archival materials that will remain pristine and entirely preserved for centuries, making it possible to pass these heirlooms down to future generations.


We believe that your family portrait experience should be a more personal experience than it has become with the digital age, full of fun memories and family bonding.

Displaying a beautiful wall spread of your loved ones should be stress-free and fun. Instead of lining up clients in front of our cameras for a limited amount of time and delivering digital files with limited capabilities, we believe in full customer service from start to finish. 


You already have enough to worry about from day to day, so why should you have to also know the difference between linen and canvas print?
Or a metallic print and a metal print?
Who offers the best matte prints? Will that image even look good in matte?

We have the ability to show how your images will look on your wall before you purchase. It's our job as your family photographer to know these details and use our experience as artists to help you easily make the best decisions!

We can't wait to photograph you!