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Brittany & Korie Foulds | Missouri Wedding Photography

A good love feels like a treasure hunt. 

For Brittany, love became a real-life treasure hunt. It started last Christmas when Korie surprised her with a large, locked treasure chest, but told her she was not yet allowed to open it.

Then, he told her there was much more to come. 

The following Valentine's Day, Brittany received a treasure map with clues to their next adventure. When her birthday arrived in Spring, they took a trip to the Lake of Ozarks area, and followed the clues Korie had laid out for her. Each clue lead her to a tiny bottle buried beneath the soil, containing a scroll with directions to the next one. At the end of the map, she found a small box with a key inside and their wedding date painted on the lid. It was key to the treasure chest! 
When their wedding day finally arrived, the large treasure chest was placed in the reception hall for Brittany to unlock in front of her guests, friends, and family. Inside, were tokens of Brittany & Korie's relationship - a love poem they had written together, souvenirs from their treasure hunt adventure, and a dried rose from their first date preserved beneath glass, reminiscent of the magic rose in Beauty and the Beast. 
They held their romantic wedding ceremony at the Pilgrim Lutheran Church just outside of Linn, Missouri. The love that surrounded them was palpable as they said their vows and promised to keep each other for the rest of their days. The wedding party enjoyed a relaxing sunset hay ride through the Missouri countryside to the reception hall, where everyone capped of the night with dinner, cake, toasts, and laughs. 
We would like to extend our gratitude to Brittany, Korie, and their friends and family for making us feel at home while we were miles away from our own! What a wonderful group! We hope you "treasure" each other for many years to come! ;)
Please enjoy this small collection of images that recap only a small portion of an incredible day!! 

Congratulations, Brittany & Korie!  

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