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The Wedding Rings: One Image You MUST HAVE in Your Wedding Photography Collection

There's one particular image at a wedding that most couples don't think about until they finally view the images delivered to them by their wedding photographer: 

A creative, gorgeous close-up photo of the wedding rings! 

wedding ring with purple stone and grooms wedding band on reception table greenery 
Red and orange bridal bouquet with silver heart-shaped wedding ring and wedding band 

This captured memory is an essential image for a great wedding photography collection, and the creativity involved with getting it just right can be a challenge. Kent & I are resourceful, and we like to use the details of the wedding to set the stage for the perfect shot. One of our first go-to techniques is to involve the bouquet in some way. Not only will this draw attention to the rings, but it could be the only picture the bride and groom receive which truly shows the detail of both the jewelry, as well as the bouquet, which - after 20 years - could possibly be lost or forgotten. Rings can be damaged and bouquets eventually fade. They'll never look as clean and shiny as they did with they were new. It's important to capture that carefully. 

close up of wedding rings on mossy rock

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Gold wedding rings casting shadow on wood, lit by setting sun. 

This beautiful set of gold wedding rings were photographed using the light from the setting sun at an outdoor wedding near Springfield, Missouri. 

Fossil makes a great texture for displaying wedding rings - image captured during science-themed wedding at Missouri Institute of Natural Science, Springfield, Missouri 
wedding ring photography - Springfield Missouri wedding 

Lighting for the rings can be an interesting endeavor because we are always trying to find a new way to bring these beautiful objects to life, and we don't always know what kind of lighting situation we will be facing. It's good to be resourceful! The photo above was tricky thanks to a faulty flash during the very last part of the night. A helpful wedding reception guest used his cell phone to light the way! 

Missouri wedding photographers who love detail images like wedding rings in the bride's bouquet 
Ice during early spring wedding in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

We also love to capture something significant that made the wedding day memorable. The rings above belong to a bride and groom who saw quite a bit of ice on their wedding day in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We seized the opportunity to create something special! 

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Monett, Missouri wedding photography 

Monett, Missouri wedding photography 

Bride and groom's rings rest on bouquets of baby's breath - Wedding Photography, Springfield, Missouri