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Nicole & Cody's Romantic Sunset Camping Engagement / Springfield, MO Engagement Photographers

There's never a wrong time of year to have a gorgeous and memorable engagement session in the Ozarks. 

It's exciting when we meet a couple who we feel have a relationship a lot like our own. Kent and I are goofs, and rarely too serious when in each other's company. It was apparent pretty quickly that Nicole & Cody are much the same way. I adore how comfortable they are with each other, and how they seem to work together as teammates. Nicole is a bride who knows what she wants, as well as what she doesn't want, and is comfortable speaking her thoughts. Cody complements this perfectly by being easy-going and eager to try just about anything Nicole & I decided to throw at him. Both of them have a wonderful, intelligent sense of humor and kind hearts.

We had the pleasure of first meeting Nicole & Cody a few years ago when we documented the wedding of Cody's sister, Chelsea. As a wedding photographer, this is probably one of the best ways you can hope to meet a couple. When you've already documented a wedding of a family member, the couple has already seen you in action, and they already have a sense of what their wedding photos are going to look like when they are returned. We were delighted when they contacted us for their October wedding! 

When Nicole and I discussed ideas for her engagement shoot, we started forming a plan to go camping. We found a quiet piece of land along the Little Sac River, perfect for setting up camp, enjoying a campfire, roasting marshmallows, and watching the sunset by the water. Then, to everyone's disappointment, we had to pack it all up and head home for the night instead of staying to savor the Missouri outdoors. We all talked about our camping fever and how happy we are that Spring is trying to find its way to the Ozarks! After all of the gear and camping supplies were packed away and our good-byes were said, Kent & I got in the car to drive away. His first words to me were, "Now, that's going to be a fun wedding to shoot!" I agreed, and we spent the drive home talking about how lucky we are to have several amazing couples to document this year.
Thank you, Nicole and Cody, for choosing Kent and I to be the photographers who capture this very exciting time in your lives! We just know your wedding day will be astounding, and your marriage, full of love.