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Springfield Missouri Family Portrait Photographer | Children's Photography: The 6-Month Milestone

This is the cutest thing you'll see all day! 

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The Wedding Rings: One Image You MUST HAVE in Your Wedding Photography Collection

There's one particular image at a wedding that most couples don't think about until they finally view the images delivered to them by their wedding photographer

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First Touch: The "Anti-First Look" | Springfield, Missouri Wedding Photography

Sometimes, having a quiet moment during the hustle and bustle of your wedding day is exactly what you need to ease your nerves before you stand in front of every person you've ever met and pledge your love to one another. 

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Sending Off the Bride & Groom: A Few Unique Ways to Make a Grand Exit at Your Wedding

For a split second, I thought, "Oh, no! This is going to be a disaster!" As it turns out, soybeans squish surprisingly easy!

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Before & After: The Story of a Maternity Portrait | Springfield, MO Photographers

Would you believe it if we told you this photo started out with another person in it? Read how this portrait came to be.

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Cody & Nicole | Weathered Wisdom Barn | Missouri Wedding Photographer
Brittany & Korie Foulds | Missouri Wedding Photography

A good love feels like a treasure hunt. 

For Brittany, love became a real-life treasure hunt. 

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Wallace Maternity/Welcome Home, Valencia

It's a truly magnificent feeling to document the growth of a family from day one. We captured Jay's proposal to Courtney on the Buffalo River. We witnessed and recorded their beautiful Fall wedding in Harrison, AR. This August, we anticipated the arrival of the newest addition to their little family. Finally, we welcomed home sweet baby Valencia. 

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Jessica & Nathanael Smith | Harrison, AR Wedding | Missouri / Arkansas Wedding Photographers

Jessica & Nathanael were married in an adorable ceremony in Harrison, AR at the Northside Church of Christ, the same church in which Jessica spent her youth. When we first spoke of her plans for the day, she told us she was aiming to keep her wedding simple and elegant, and she did just that. In terms of weather, one could argue that she picked the most beautiful day of the year to wed her best friend. It was sunny and gorgeous, any by the end of the day, the year's first hint of Autumn was in the air. Jessica & Nathanael's family and friends were radiant with love and joy. It was a thrill to watch the families honor the love this couple has for one another, and to witness these two groups come together as one.

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Cinnamon & Stephen Johnson | Springfield, MO Wedding

Every wedding is a celebration of love and joy, but this bride and groom and their guests really stole my heart by the way they love, appreciate, and support one another. Cinnamon and Stephen are surrounded by friends and family who adore them and who were visibly moved while they vowed to spend the rest of their days together. I've been trying to find the words to summarize the experience of documenting Cinnamon & Stephen's wedding day at the beautiful, quiet hideaway called Blackberry Creek Retreat just outside of Springfield, Missouri, and the words that keep coming to mind are celebration, devotion, and friendship. Cinnamon & Stephen have a love supported by a strong friendship between them, and that is mirrored in the bonds they have formed with the people around them. Their day was full of laughter, inside jokes, tearful toasts, emotional performances by loved ones, and a little nostalgia. This relaxed, easy-going couple set the perfect tone for a perfect wedding day.  
Please enjoy a few highlights from their image collection, and don't forget leave your best wishes for Cinnamon & Stephen in the comments! 

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